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antennasia: Cinemice (Remastered 2021)


antennasia: Cinemice (Remastered 2021)

[Double Life Records DLRA-0002]

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01 Prologue

02 Takarajima

03 Hayek

04 Silky Curtain

05 7 Steps (Interlude #1)

06 Blank

07 Sorrow

08 Let Me In (Interlude #2)

09 Slumpin'

10 Sofa

11 Mermaidance

12 Lost (Interlude #3)

13 Muaratoi

14 Epilogue

All songs written by san & nerve

Performed by antennasia

Saxophone on "Sofa" by Yuji Monma

Produced by antennasia

Mixed and mastered by Nerve

Cover photo by san, designed by antennasia & Osamu Otomo




Originally released in 2005, antennasia’s 2nd album “Cinemice” has been remastered and reissued. The title is a combination of the words "cinema" and "mice", meaning a mouse watching films in an old cinema theatre, chomping on food that has fallen to the floor. This album is a collection of 14 short films that are shown there.

This is the human world as seen by the rats and words don't mean much here. What we have here are fragmentary images of fourteen stories, the rest of which is left to the imagination of the listener. In this slow-moving collection of short stories, antennasia invites the listener to participate in the form of imagination.





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