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1. A1 Toshiyuki Yasuda - Baiza (Piano Solo)

2. A2 Reske - Down

3. A3 Claudio Iacono - Esto

4. A4 John Beltran - Seasons Go [Instrumental Version]

5. B1 antennasia - Spiral Sequence [Vau Mix]

6. B2 Djale & LucaEffeSunset - What Happened

7. B3 Gianni Denitto + FiloQ - Grab Your Coffee (From Here To 612 Nautical Miles)

スペインとポルトガルに拠点を置くImaginária Recordsによるコンピレーション「(EL MUNDO ES SONIDO) THE WORLD IS SOUND - SECOND: THE PLACE」(レコード + デジタルアルバム)に、安田寿之「Baiza (Piano Solo)」が収録されました。3作によるシリーズの第2弾で、場所がテーマとのこと。人生、研究の本質、出会いの豊かさの比喩となる形而上学的な旅の歩み。私たちの外側にあるものとの出会いは、内側に深く根付いているものとのそれになるのを感じさせる。そういう哲学がコンセプトのようです。果てに行って懐かしさを覚える、あの感じだろうか。象徴として、溶岩がジャケットになっています。嬉しい偶然で、仙台の盟友antennasiaの作品も収録されています。

Noise pollution results when man does not listen carefully.

Noises are the sounds we have learned to ignore.

Which sounds do we want to preserve, encourage, multiply?

The soundtrack of Imaginària Records continues through the natural elements of our Planet. Split into the three moments of a single cycle, after the journey (The Trip) and then the places (The Place), to arrive at a conclusive return. The label traces the steps of a metaphysical journey that becomes a metaphor for life, the essence of research and the richness of encounters.

And it is in this record, The Place, that we feel how the encounter with the elements of the world, with the places of the Earth, with what is outside of us, actually becomes an encounter with what is deeply-rooted within us: the evocation of distant worlds and noises of Life, become an exploration of inner landscapes, where earth and fire return to immerse us in the unfathomable and obscure depths of being a Man. From here every noise of life springs and is reabsorbed, from here every vibration of the world starts and returns, to remind us, always and again, that 'the world is sound'.

The whole world is sound.




Amusement Vol.8

株式会社フジパシフィックミュージック制作、エレクトロポップ音源集「Amusement Vol.8」へ安田寿之が3曲提供しました。 Amusement Vol.8 [Fujipacific Music Inc. MLCD-1170] Spotify, Ototoy 4. Multicolored Dream -- 安田寿之 12. Electrical Mini Pop -- 安田寿之 20. My

The Firefly Clan & Toshiyuki Yasuda: Soaring - Single

The Firefly Clan & Toshiyuki Yasuda: Soaring - Single [The Institute of Music and Environment (TIME)] Apple Music / iTunes Store, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music ... 1. Soaring The Firefly Clan (Compos

ironomi: Mushiniwa

いろのみ: 蟲庭 [ryoondo-tea DES068] Apple Music / iTunes Store 1. 蟲庭 scene I 2. 蟲庭 scene II 3. 蟲庭 scene III いろのみ ライブ盤epで登場 『electronic evening 電子音楽の夕べ』20周年開催記念リリース第四弾はいろのみ。 蟲たちの声に包まれた「いろのみ」ライヴ3つの情景をライブ盤epとし

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