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Toshiyuki Yasuda: Once a Robot Sings (Piano Solos of Robo*Brazileira)


Toshiyuki Yasuda: Once a Robot Sings (Piano Solos of Robo*Brazileira)

[The Institute of Music and Environment (TIME)]

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BASE (Hi-Res Download / Streaming Card)

1. Baiza (Piano Solo)

2. Decor Samba (Piano Solo)

3. Cesna (Piano Solo)

4. Reversonia (Piano Solo)

5. Nunca Mais (Piano Solo)

6. Day-To-Day (Piano Solo)

7. Augusta (Piano Solo)

8. Zampano (Piano Solo)

9. Chovendo na roseira (Piano Solo)

10. Wave'n Tide (Piano Solo)

Written, Played, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Toshiyuki Yasuda


9 Written: Antonio Carlos Jobim

ⒸToshiyuki Yasuda


6 ⒸTaiyo Music Inc.

9 ⒸFamous Music Corp.

Photo: yukie murakami

Designed: Toshiyuki Yasuda

Produced: Toshiyuki Yasuda


A self covered piano solo album played on a felt piano of "Robo*Brazileira", Toshiyuki Yasuda's 1st album in 2000. The original album had a strong concept, robot voice and authentic Brazilian music, and put emphasis on composing contrary to Brazilian music scene in Japan. As the 20th anniversary of it, Yasuda takes a piano to spotlight the aspect of songwriting. And it turns into unique timeless feelings. In the deep nights with the pandemic of COVID-19, the piano was played so softly and intimately not to wake up whoever good or evil.


Robo*Brazileira 20th Anniversary Set

Once a Robot Sings (Piano Solos of Robo*Brazileira) - Single




安田寿之が、「音楽の作り方と聞き方を、21世紀型に拡張する」というヴィジョンの元、新しい音楽権利管理方法を模索するSonic DAOチームによる「Music Copyright Management (MCM) Protocol」計画に参画。 株式会社テレビ朝日主催「WEB3 x Entertainment Creative Hackthon/Ideathon」にて音楽部門(MUSIC & Glo

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